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Bob "Coach" Henriquez is a dedicated public servant who is committed to providing fair and accurate property assessments for all Hillsborough County residents. He is a fifth-generation Floridian who was born and raised in Tampa. Henriquez has a long history of public service, having served as a state representative, and the director of the Pinellas and Pasco counties division of the Department of Children and Families.

As Hillsborough County's Property Appraiser since 2013, Henriquez has made it his mission to modernize the office and improve service to the public. He has launched the first-ever mobile version of the HCPA website, implemented a new property appraisal system, and created a new citizen liaison position to help residents with their property assessment questions. Through modernization and streamlined process, Coach Bob has been able to keep his staff size below the number when he first took office, while improving services to the public. He is also a strong advocate for property owners, and he has worked hard to protect homeowners from unfair property tax increases.

In addition to his work as Property Appraiser, Henriquez is also a successful football coach. He has served two stints as head coach at Tampa Catholic High School, where he led the Crusaders to two berths in the state championship game. Henriquez is a passionate advocate for education and athletics, and he believes that sports can help young people develop the skills and values they need to succeed in life.


​Bob and his wife, Carrie, are the proud parents of their son, Drew Alexander, and their two daughters, Elin Mackenzie and Emma Elizabeth. Bob enjoys time with his family, along with fishing, golf and going to the gym.


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